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Columbia BOLD is a chapter of the Bronx Oncology Living Daily program, a psychosocial oncology program based in the Montefiore-Einstein Medical Center.  Directed by Dr. Alyson Moadel-Robblee, it has since 2008 worked extraordinarily hard to help Bronx cancer patients cope with and take charge of their health throughout their cancer journey.  Services provided include counseling, information sessions, buddy-pairing, transportation assistance, workshops, physical wellness programs, and many, many more (all for free!).
As Columbia's branch of the BOLD program, we represent a concerted effort to invest Manhattan residents in the plight of the city's cancer patients.  With fundraisers, we provide resources to the parent program at Montefiore-Einstein, and with our marvelous volunteers, we provide services and learning opportunities to the patients and students around us.
Columbia BOLD is always looking for new fundraising partners and partner universities.  If you or your organization is interested in bettering the lives of under-resourced cancer patients, get in touch with us today!


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