Columbia BOLD: Role Descriptions

Columbia BOLD is excited to invite Columbia students to apply to a number of open positions on our team!

Below is a list of our open positions, along with a description of each role.

Executive Board Positions

Head of Recruitment: Screen and recruit new volunteers to join Columbia BOLD from the Columbia community.

Head of Finance: Manages Columbia BOLD’s funds.

Head of Social Media: Manages Columbia BOLD’s online presence, including its website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, etc.  Also designs flyers and graphics. 

Head of Marketing: Leads outreach to businesses, seeking to secure sponsorships and establish partnerships/ collaborations. 

Head of Outreach: Reaches out to professionals (ex: doctors, professors, healthcare workers) available to give presentations or be speakers at Columbia BOLD events.

Head of Local Fundraising: Plan campus events, bake sales, social gatherings with entry fees, etc. to raise funds for BOLD.

Secretary: Takes notes during meetings, create newsletters, keeps records of Columbia BOLD activities.

Committee Members:
Committee Members will work with the heads of their respective committees and volunteer for Columbia BOLD events.


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