Frequently Asked Questions

More About What We Do

Why does Columbia BOLD focus on the Bronx?

The Bronx contains the poorest congressional district in the United States and is by far the least wealthy of New York's boroughs.  This has translated to a healthcare system far too underfunded to alleviate the suffering of its cancer patients.  Columbia BOLD exists to alleviate these economic obstacles, allowing such cancer patients to receive the care and wellness programs they deserve.

How does Columbia BOLD ensure the betterment of treatment for Bronx cancer patients?

Through our partnership with Montefiore-Einstein, we direct funds towards our parent organization: the Bronx Oncology Living Daily (BOLD) Program, directed by Dr. Alyson Moadel-Robblee.  Our parent program then turns your contributions into real counseling, financial assistance, and wellness programs for Bronx cancer patients!

What kinds of programs does BOLD provide to cancer patients?

All sorts of programs!  BOLD provides patients with services varying from counseling, to information sessions, to financial assistance, to wellness workshops—and much, much more.  All of our services are completely free!

How can I help out?

You can help out with either your resources or your time!  Please donate to the BOLD Program at  We also often have board membership openings at Columbia BOLD or even for internship positions at the parent BOLD Program itself, so consider volunteering your time!