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Columbia BOLD

Support the cancer patients who cannot support themselves

The Columbia-Bronx Oncology Living Daily Program is a charitable organization devoted to improving access to care among under-resourced cancer patients in the Bronx.  Partnered with the BOLD psychosocial oncology program at the Montefiore-Einstein Medical Center, we connect cancer patients of all types with the doctors, counselors, wellness programs, and other services they need.

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About Our Foundation

Columbia BOLD arose to bolster the medical system of one of the poorest districts in the U.S.: Bronx, New York.  Representing volunteers from across the city, we represent the desire for university students and other volunteers everywhere to diminish the stark inequalities facing cancer patients today.

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How We Help

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Cancer Fundraising

We are committed to fundraising in order to allow our partner organization, Montefiore-Einstein, to run more and better programs for cancer patients of all kinds.

Cancer Connecting

We are dedicated to connect cancer patients to services they may not even know about—services that could change their lives.

Cancer Informing

We are devoted to teaching cancer patients more about their conditions, as well as the actions they can take to independently improve their well-being.

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“Remember, life is always about change, challenge, growth, and adaptation.”

Dr. Alyson Moadel Robblee, BOLD director

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